What’ll be the impact of the return of Tony?

What’ll be the impact of the return of Tony?

Can his intervention help Labour turn the tide?

So he’s back nearly three years after he stepped aside to let Mr. Brown become leader and PM.

What’s going to be the impact? Can Tony turn some of those Tory voters who went Labour in 1997 and have now moved away? Or has his influence on the UK scene declined the longer he has been away.

There are also the controversial reports of his earning as an ex-PM.

But Blair, whatever you think of him, can be a persuasive speaker and there’s nothing he likes more than being centre stage. There is a danger that his lucidity and confidence when in the spotlight might not contrast very well with his successor.

I always thought that Labour was totally dumb to oust their three times election winner but I’m not so sure what he can do now.

Mike Smithson

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