Another poll has the lead getting narrower

Another poll has the lead getting narrower

YouGov daily poll (The Sun) Mar 22 Mar 19
LABOUR 32% 31%
LIB DEMS 20% 19%
LAB to CON swing from 2005 3.5% 5%

More jitters for the blue team

Tonight’s daily poll for the Sun, where the fieldwork finished at 5pm, reports a narrowing of the lead from 7% on Sunday to just 4% this evening.

This is all getting very tight as we move into the final pre-campaign stage. For YouGov follows ICM and Optimum in recording a closer margin.

The big gap tonight is with the Liberal Democrats where YouGov records a 20% share compared with just 15% from Optimum.

Tomorrow night’s poll could show a response to Samantha Cameron’s latest news. Will it give the blues a boost? The Tories will surely hope so.

There will be no PB/Angus Reid poll this week.

Mike Smithson

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