What happens if there is no GREEN/UKIP/BNP standing?

What happens if there is no GREEN/UKIP/BNP standing?

How would the vote split?

Lots of talk today about how many candidates the “others” – GREEN/UKIP/BNP – will actually have standing in the election.

UKIP looks as though it will have in excess of 500 but the other two parties are probably going to fall short by quite a distance.

With this segment running quite high in a number of polls the question is how would this go if potential voters have not got someone to support in their constituency.

This is a question that we ask every month in the PB/Angus Reid polls to those who indicated support for the three parties. These are the findings from the latest survey.

“What if no GREEN/BNP/UKIP candidate standing in your constituency…” Share
CON 20%
LAB 8%
LD 18%
Other/DK/won’t say 56%
PB Angus Reid poll March 15

PaddyPower has overall vote markets for both the BNP and UKIP.

Mike Smithson

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