Labour still down at 26pc with Angus Reid

Labour still down at 26pc with Angus Reid

Angus Reid for Politicalbetting Mar 17 Mar 11
LABOUR 26% 26%
LIB DEMS 21% 18%
LAB to CON swing from 2005 8% 8%

Lib Dems up three as others slump

The latest in the exclusive Politicalbetting/Angus Reid polling series is just out and shows one big major change – a slump in support for “others” to 14%. This is the lowest it has ever been and brings AR more into line with other firms.

Alas for Brown Central – the move has not helped Labour who remain at 26% – trailing thirteen points behind the Tories.

The big winners here, of course, are the Lib Dems which is probably down to the weekend’s conference.

At these level, of course, Cameron would be heading for a very substantial commons majority and it would be hard to see how Mr. Brown could continue as Labour leader.

AR, Canada’s most accurate pollster, has traditionally had Labour with the lowest shares and this remains. A main reason is the way the past vote weightings work – AR does not allow for a false recall correction which, with other firms, can give Labour a 2 point boost.

Last week’s AR poll helped reinforce the pound on the currency markets – will the same happen again?

A link to the full data will go up here this evening.

UPDATE:- Others in the poll were:-
SNP = 2
PC = 1
UKIP = 5
Green = 2
BNP = 4

UPDATE: Full data tables are here.

Mike Smithson

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