Could this impact on the general election?

Could this impact on the general election?

Could it open up the UNITE-Labour link?

Any big development that could affect large numbers of people in such a politically potent period as this has to be looked at in terms of how it could impact on voting in the election.

At the very minimum the action could dominate the news media in the weeks before the vote. On top of that it could give the Tories the peg to open up what I think is a highly dangerous issue for Labour – the close links and heavy reliance on the union UNITE.

But don’t count on it – for one thing that Cameron’s party seems to be lacking is a ruthless streak. Unlike Labour there’s an apparent reluctance to put the boot in even when there’s a golden opportunity.

It will be interesting to see how that old bruiser, Ken Clarke does provided he’s let off the leash. But he’s got to be careful – voters might not like strikes but his party doesn’t want to be tagged as “union-bashers”.

Mike Smithson

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