What’s Massachusetts going to do Obama’s re-election chances?

What’s Massachusetts going to do Obama’s re-election chances?


Could be become a one-term president?

The big overnight political news from the US was the dramatic loss by the Democrats of the Senate seat in Massachusetts that had been held by Edward Kennedy.

Inevitably pundits are looking forward to to 2012 and asking whether this means that his chances have got worse. Before that, of course, he has to go through this November’s mid-terms which traditionally can prove challenging for the White House incumbent.

It will also make the fight for the Republication nomination that more intense.

No doubt it will add to the speculation about Sarah Palin but the immediate overnight winner in terms of that contest was former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney.

I’ve still got hopes for my 200/1 bet from November 2008, Jon Huntsman.

Congratulations to those on the site who have been calling yesterday’s election for the GOP for several weeks. Alas it generated very little UK betting interest.

  • Today: My apologises for being fairly detached from the site at the moment. I’m in London again and throughout the day I’ll be at an academic conference on polling at which all the big players are attending.
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