Is this supposed to be an improvement?

Is this supposed to be an improvement?

What have they done to the Ladbrokes site?

I don’t know whether it’s just me but I’m finding that the new Ladbrokes site is a total pain in the backside.

It takes you so long to find the bets the you want and it’s so much more awkward to navigate.

With the ever-sharp Shadsy running the politics markets the firm had been carving out a nice position in the political betting sector. But that now seems to have been put at risk by the so-called site upgrade.

It’s just sooooooooo slow. It makes even Betfair appear user-friendly.

Fortunately I’ve discovered that you can get to the old site using this link Ladbrokes.
How long that will remain open I do not know.

Mike Smithson

PB: Political Website of the Year
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