Could Gordon put the decision off right till the end?

Could Gordon put the decision off right till the end?

Is the 14/1 that it’ll be June a value bet?

So far most people seem to have dismissed the prospect of Brown hanging on until a June election (the last possible date) – mainly on the grounds that he would not want the big one to take place after Labour’s expected pasting in the May 6th locals.

But how valid a reason is this? And doesn’t everything we know about him suggest that he’s going to find this such an enormously difficult choice to make when waiting will always seem preferable to taking the plunge.

There will always be the hope in Brown’s mind, surely, that something will come up and also that he will also start to get the recognition at home he thinks he deserves for the 2008 bank rescue.

Just recall how he delayed and delayed in October 2007 when even his closest allies were convinced that he was going to the country then.

Both PaddyPower and Ladbrokes have June at 14/1 which seems a great bet.

Those odds are good and I’ve taken the plunge today.

Mike Smithson

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