The Third Annual StJohn Christmas CrossWord

The Third Annual StJohn Christmas CrossWord


1.Lay on the drink. (3,6).
6.Murdoch helped to start The People. (5).
9.A master of expression, Dalyell reflected on one ship’s direction of travel. (7).
10.Condition set in cruel arrangement of Prince of Darkness. (7).
11.Metropolitan chap Boris sacked, within an hour. (10).
12.Perhaps Man City’s leader quit? (4).
13.Conservatives are the party without a prayer. (5).
15.Softly spoken political enforcer, carrying a stick initially – before Democrat. (9).
16.Report blocked by special interest group holding a grievance. (9).
18.Cook take away at home. (5).
20.Brown dismissed Irish politician in the Queen’s name. (4).
21.Pinter seen playing to the gallery. (10).
25.After a make over, Sarah is hot stuff. (7).
26.Peel angrily penned first letter. (7).
27.Ben-Hur lead lost out as a political figure. (5).
28.Set new dividing lines to capture the right audience. (9).


1.Steps introduced by the US Ambassador. (5).
2.Not definite if it’s an item. (7).
3.A cooked breakfast provides the key to Number Ten’s residents. (4,6).
4.French born Private Secretary accompanies Scottish Chieftain. (5).
5.Effect of The Sun is becoming more Liberal. (9).
6.Short, one of Foot’s constituents. (4).
7.Deduce that our special relations are invited – so one makes a brew. (7).
8.Place to set about a writer. (9).
13. Gently knock political defector with, “No time for a novice”.
14. Prime Minister’s visit leads to Afghan withdrawal by the beginning of February. (9).
15. Government has the will to change but lacks direction. (9).
17. Head of the English Church after Roman Reformation. (7).
19. Barb’s display of anger. (7).
22. Leaders of the blogosphere. (5).
23. Drawing from Macmillan’s greatest challenge – resigning the Tory leadership. (5).
24. Brother of Israel is partial to some sausage. (4).

St.John is a long-standing PB poster and regular attender at PB events. This is the third time he has sought to entertain us on Christmas Day with his crossword.

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