Merry Christmas to all PBers everywhere

Merry Christmas to all PBers everywhere

A message from OGH – “Our Genial Host”

Just to say happy Christmas to the entire PB community and thank you for all your support during the year. It’s been the positive responses from everybody and the continued enthusiasm for PB that has made it a pleasure to run.

Thanks also to my son Robert for maintaining the technical infrastructure and enabling the changes that we found we needed last June when traffic shot through the roof at the time of the local and EU elections.

Thanks also to all the PB team – the deputy editors, Paul Maggs (Double Carpet) and Morus (Greg Callus) and now David Herdson. Thanks also to our cartoonist, Marf and in recent months to Bernard Wiggins who is now playing a big part monitoring the vast number of comments that come in and taking immediate action when required.

Thanks to Peter Smith (Peter the Punter) for organising the 5th birthday event and being an ongoing advisor on betting and other issues.

Thanks as well to those who provided guest contributions as well as the growing number who are self-publishing on PB2.

Thanks most of all to you.

We’ve got a great year coming up though I am quite looking forward to things being a bit quieter after the election.

Tomorrow we have what is now the annual StJohn Christmas Day cross word.

Best wishes,

Mike Smithson

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