The PB/Angus Reid cross-tabs

The PB/Angus Reid cross-tabs

Angus Reid Strategies

Should all pollsters get their data out on the same day?

Here is the main set of cross-tabs with the regional and gender splits from this evening’s Politicalbetting/Angus Reid poll which is showing almost no change in the overall picture.

Download the full set for yourself here.

One of the things I was very keen on when we were setting up the arrangement with the pollster was that the full data-set should be made available as soon as possible – on the same day is good target.

We are heading for a hectic period and the detail from all public polls should be available for scrutiny just about as soon as those involved can make it happen.

The basic British Polling Council rule of allowing a gap of two working days is really not sufficient in the election run-up and, accordingly, I am writing to its chair, Professor John Curtice, asking for an acceleration.

Mike Smithson

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