The City of London: November 26th 2009 at 18.30

The City of London: November 26th 2009 at 18.30

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Join the informal PB gathering

Thanks to the initiative of Fat Steve there’ll be an informal PB get-together in the City, near Liverpool Street station, on Thursday November 26th.

Unlike previous events this will be highly informal – a sort of “after-work drinks” for London-based PBers or those who can get there easily.

Steve has found a location in a pub where it’s hoped that we can have our own area and already sixteen people have signed up. I’m hoping to be there.

Steve has a provisional venue. If anyone’s interested, he has set up an email address for information. Please send him a message so that he can estimate numbers. He say he doesn’t want to publicly advertise the venue, for fear of ending like a facebook kid with a wrecked parental home.

If this works then it might develop into a good model for similar gatherings both in London and elsewhere.

Finally all who enjoy PB are welcome – both commenters and lurkers, punters and non-punters.

Mike Smithson

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