The PB SUPER SIX Predictions – part 2

The PB SUPER SIX Predictions – part 2

Are they on the money or not?

This is the second part of the so-called “PB SUPER SIX PREDICTIONS – the general election seat bets from half a dozen of the leading political punters on the site.

They are Peter the Punter, Richard Nabavi, Peter from Putney, StJohn, AntiFrank and ScottP who between have got bets on in nearly ninety separate constituencies.

One of those on this evening’s list is Morley and Outwood – where I’ve punted quite heavily at good odds that Ed Balls will get ousted. I see the panel is split on this one. Yes a big swing is required but its considerably smaller than the one that saw Michael Portillo lose Enfield in Tony Blair’s great landslide.

In the coming months we’ll look at the seat markets time and time again for it’s here I think that the money can be made.

Mike Smithson

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