Is Cameron’s Lisbon luck continuing?

Is Cameron’s Lisbon luck continuing?

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What a terrible day for UKIP for this to come out?

On the day after the Tory change of heart on the Lisbon referendum the anti-EU party that did so well last June, UKIP, must have been hoping for better headlines than this.

This was the opportunity, surely, for them to be presenting themselves as an alternative to Cameron’s Tories. And what happens? We get the news from Southwark Crown court and UKIP has to deal with terrible publicity over someone who was elected as one of its MEPs.

The plea of guilty by Tom Wise to an expenses scam with the suggestion that he could face jail could not have been timed better for Cameron and worse for Farage.

On top of this there’s the news that long-standing Tory front-bencher, Alan Duncan, has now been cleared after an investigation into his mortgage claims.

PaddyPower has a market on how many votes UKIP will get at the election.

Mike Smithson

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