What’s the Sun going to say about Cameron’s decision?

What’s the Sun going to say about Cameron’s decision?

Will he get slammed over his “cast-iron referendum pledge”?

It’s hard to think that it was just five weeks ago that the Sun came off the fence over what it would do at the general election. It came out publicly for Cameron’s Tories – news that was released on the evening after Gordon Brown’s big conference speech – something that provoked a furious reaction at the conference.

The picture above is off union boss, Tony Woodley, ripping up a copy of the paper from the platform.

So given that two years ago Cameron gave his “cast-iron” pledge to Sun readers that there would be a referendum how’s the paper going to handle today’s developments? Is it going to abandon it’s new political love or will it not make too much of a fuss of the Tory pragmatism?

My guess is the latter for according to Michael White in the Guardian – a deal has probably been cut with the paper.

We’ll know in an hour or so.

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