Who’ll get blamed for this lunacy?

Who’ll get blamed for this lunacy?


Could it affect the outcome in the top betting constituency?

The one thing that makes me more furious than anything at the moment is the crazy new law that’s going to impose a hideous regime that will keep adults and children apart.

In the name of trying to control paedophiles our stupid MPs have allowed this over-the-top ill-thought out piece of legislation to be passed and now local councils, like Watford, are making their own preparations.

Some of my fondest memories from the time my three children were young was taking them down to the park to play in the playground.

Now future parents are going to be denied this thanks to MPs who failed to realise that their primary job is to scrutinise legislation and councils like Watford that have come forward with gross interpretations.

Quite smartly frightened minsters have postponed the full impact of the new regime until after the election. But that’s not going to stop the media finding one quirk after another that MPs, if they had been doing their job properly, should have raised when this was going through the house.

Rod Lidddle on his blog is calling for a mass campaign of civil disobedience and is offering a bottle of champagne for the best idea on how this could work.

Which brings us to what will happen in the Watford constituency at the general election. This is the three way marginal that Ladbrokes say has seen the most active betting. Could the Lib Dems, who have high hopes in the town and control the council, find that their task has been made harder?

Watford Betting:-
Ladbrokes CON 10/11: LD 11/10: LAB 7/1

William Hill CON 5/6: LD 5/4: LAB 7/1

Victor Chandler CON 11/10: LD 5/4: LAB 5/1

PaddyPower CON 4/5: LD 11/8: LAB 11/2

HAT-TIP to AntiFrank on the previous thread.

  • William Hill have just told me that they are settling the McNulty bets.
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