Is Dave out of synch with his party on climate change?

Is Dave out of synch with his party on climate change?

Could he be storing up trouble for the future?

The 2006 picture of David Cameron with the huskies in the Arctic became one of the defining images of the first few months of his leadership as he sought to create a new narrative for the party.

Here was a Conservative leader embracing one of the key issues of the day and what better way of making this into a news story than the trip to Norway.

But is his view on this issue shared by his party or could he be out of synch? And if he is could that manifest itself into a split either this side or the other side of the general election?

The Next Left site has done an analysis of the top ten Tory bloggers and concludes that none of them ” believes the theory that man-made global warming is an established fact; all ten reject David Cameron’s view that the issue should be an urgent priority if the party were in government.”

A big danger is that the whole Cameron project to change the party is fine when things are going well and it looks as though he is heading for victory. But what if the polling gap narrows and what happens after an election victory if he is pursuing policies which key shapers of Tory opinion, like the bloggers, are uncomfortable with?

Maybe Cameron is taking his lead from Tony Blair who managed to pull that trick off with Labour and stay at the helm for a decade.

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Mike Smithson

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