Has Griffin wasted his big opportunity?

Has Griffin wasted his big opportunity?

Is it simply that he doesn’t have the communication skills?

From the extracts that the BBC news channel has been running over the past hour we are getting a sense of what tonight’s Question Time recording was like.

A hostile highly articulate audience facing a man who, being blunt about it, didn’t get over any message very well and seemed, at times, to be inarticulate.

I was expecting well thought-out sound-bites on how his party was fighting for sections of society that didn’t get heard and who were being ignored by the mainstream parties – something like that could have been powerful and brought benefit to the BNP.

From the extracts seen so far that didn’t happen and you’ve got to conclude that he fluffed it – he simply appeared unprepared for the likely grilling.

For one thing’s for sure – he’s probably not going to get another chance this side of the general election.

The programme proper starts in half an hour.

Mike Smithson

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