Will Gord be getting a post-card from Pete and Dave?

Will Gord be getting a post-card from Pete and Dave?

South Shields Sanddancers

Is there really plotting going on?

On Wednesday we ran a thread based on a comment from our reliable north eastern Labour contributor, HenryG, suggesting possible moves over the leadership involving Peter Mandelson and South Shields MP and foreign secretary, David Miliband.

Last night while all the focus was on Mr. Griffin the “Mole” in the online newspaper, The First Post, carried more speculation noting that this weekend Peter Mandelson is travelling to South Shields to give the annual “South Shields Lecture.

As Rachel Sylvestor in the Times wrote “It would be fascinating to hear their private conversation.” Maybe it was getting a whiff of this that prompted HenryG’s comment? I don’t know.

It’s very east to jump to conclusions but you just get a sense that something might be in the air.

For since rescuing Brown in the aftermath of the June 4th election disasters and the Purnell resignation Mandelson has been the Prime Minister’s personal political life-support machine. If Mandy decided to switch it off then who knows what could happen?

The Mole column makes the point that if there is to be a change then it would have to be generational – and that means one of the Milibands or Balls.

This is going to go on.

Mike Smithson

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