What’ll be the political fall-out from this?

What’ll be the political fall-out from this?


Will the fingers be pointed at Mandy?

So it’s happening. The long-threatened postal strike starts tomorrow for an initial two-day walk-out. Quite what it is about is hard to fathom but it looks messy particularly for a government that’s due to be going to the country within the next few months.

In what was a rather lacklustre performance at PMQs today Cameron made the action his sole subject for all six of his questions. He seemed to labour his points but if this was about getting a sound-bite on the key news story of the day then it succeeded.

The post office is, of course, nationalised and for this to be dominating each news cycle for the next few days reduces even further the opportunities for Labour to pin the the Tories down on this and other policies.

Thus there’s been a big Labour effort to get some traction over the Tory-EU links story but that doesn’t seem to have got off the ground – apart from the Guardian that is.

So messy and less than optimal for a government that’s seventeen points down in the polls.

Mike Smithson

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