What a difference a day makes?

What a difference a day makes?

CON 40% (+3) LAB 26% (-4) LD 20%(-1)

Labour’s YouGov tracker deficit doubles

After the euphoria amongst Labour supporters last night and some corresponding gloom from Tories today’s YouGov daily tracker moves the party shares back to the sort of territory that we’ve come to expect in recent months – Labour in the mid-20s and the Tories in the low 40s.

Most of the online questionnaires would have been filled in last night after a day that was dominated by news of the Sun’s switch to backing the Tories and Labour’s response to it at their Brighton conference.

So yesterday’s numbers were basically a measure of the positive media coverage of Brown’s conference speech while today the agenda has moved on.

I wonder what both yesterday and today findings would have been without the Sun’s switch? My guess is that Labour might still have been in the 30s. It was the party’s over-the-top reaction that was most damaging.

As I’ve been saying I’m far from convinced that conference-time polling is a good pointer to the general election but it is fascinating to watch how the news coverage seems to move the totals.

Mike Smithson

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