Labour move to best YouGov total since May

Labour move to best YouGov total since May

CON 41 (+1) LAB 27 (+2) LD 18 (-2)

But Labour is still down seven on early early April

The third YouGov poll of the month, this one for the Daily Telegraph, has just been published and has some possible less bad news Brown Central. A slight increase in the Labour share which equals the 27 points they were on in late April and early May and is substantially higher than the 21% recorded in one YouGov survey in early June.

But Brown’s party is still a long way behind the possible election-saving 34% that YouGov recorded in the immediate aftermath of the G20 meeting at the start of April and before the Telegraph expenses revelations.

The Tories will be pleased that four of the last five polls has had them in the 40s and still with a significant lead over Labour.

All the changes are within the margin of error and as a general rule I’m not very happy with holiday season polling. We’ll have to wait until October after the conference season before we get a real sense of where the parties are.

Mike Smithson

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