Introducing the “PB Early Birds”

Introducing the “PB Early Birds”

A new service for supporters of the site

At the start of June about 60 PBers very kindly made donations to support the technical infrastructure of the site. In total nearly £3,000 was raised and this has enabled us to make things more robust.

As a way of saying thank you we are setting up something called the “PB Early Birds”. This will be a special alert service for when we have news of an attractive betting opportunity. As those PBers who are gamblers know when a good bet is suggested on the site it does not usually last very long – the bookies either take it down or tighten the odds.

What we will endeavour to do is to send an e-mail alert out when a post about a particularly good bet is about to be published. In some cases, like the amazing Norwich North turnout wager from William Hill, the message might include details of the actual bet.

I cannot guarantee that we will always be able to do this or that you will be able to get bets on at the quoted prices. But hopefully you should get a head start. Clearly all bets are at your own risk!

So if you you did donate to the last appeal or have been a PB donor in the past then please drop me an email if you want to go on the list. Could you make the title of the email “PB Early Birds”.

Thanks to Marf for the excellent “PB Early Birds” design.

Mike Smithson

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