Is Miliband now out of the race?

Is Miliband now out of the race?

A year on from his “bid” how much credibility does he have left?

There isn’t a political version of the Hollywood Stock Exchange (perhaps there ought to be), but if there were, the share price of David Miliband, probably rated a “sell” since last autumn’s Conference, would have been in free-fall after the recent Cabinet reshuffle.

For those hoping to see the termination of Brown’s premiership, it had been an exciting few days, with the rolling resignations of Smith and Blears, brought to a crescendo by the release of Purnell’s statement as polls closed on 4th June. The blogosphere was rife with rumours that Miliband and Burnham would resign the following day, almost certainly creating the tipping point to weaken Brown beyond the point of no return.

But then came news that Miliband would not be following Purnell, and the chances of Brown going diminished considerably. “I have a different decision…” Miliband told the media on Friday, and retained the post of Foreign Secretary – but at what cost to his own credibility as a politician, never mind as a possible future party leader?

Fury amongst own supporters – how much support would he now get in a leadership bid – would he even run?

Poor job performance as For Sec – recently annoyed Indian PM, Russians etc

Current leadership odds – link to market – don’t bet on Miliband!!

  • The picture shows the front page of the Guardian in July 2008 when he apparently put his hat into the ring.
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