And the July ICM numbers are…

And the July ICM numbers are…

CON 41 (+2) LAB 27 (nc) LD 20 (+2)

Con lead by 14 – highest Tory ICM share since March

The Guardian ICM poll is now out and shows the Conservatives extending their lead over Labour by two points to 14 and above the important 40% barrier.

The Conservatives have not scored this well in an ICM poll since March (before the expenses revelations broke) while Labour remain marooned on their second-worst ICM number since last June.

Meanwhile the Lib Dems are up two on 20, and as predicted here on PB, the large “Others” score is starting to fall as we get further away from the Euros – they are down three on 12.

The Guardian poll leads on the issue of Trident (54% want to abandon nuclear weapons), but of probably greater salience as we get closer to the election is the finding that two-thirds of voters want public spending to be cut – and even a majority of Labour voters want to see a reduction in expenditure.

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