Has Labour just blown it with Rupert Murdoch?

Has Labour just blown it with Rupert Murdoch?

Just how important is his backing for Cameron?

There’s a story running on Christopher Hope’s Telegraph blog that could have a big impact on the general election.

He writes: “News has reached me of a potentially longer lasting side effect from “hacking gate”. Namely, that Rupert Murdoch has now decided once and for all to back David Cameron at the next general election..Murdoch’s decision has been set in stone by the all-out assault by Labour/The Guardian/the BBC on the News of the World and Conservative spin-doctor and former Screws editor Andy Coulson over the phone tapping scandal…

I am told by sources in Wapping that the leftie assault of the past two days on the right wing News of the World (and Coulson) is “the final straw” for Murdoch.
You can expect Murdoch to order The Sun to back the Conservatives at the next election sooner rather than later, possibly in the next few months.

Mike Smithson

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