Beckett now becomes an even firm favourite

Beckett now becomes an even firm favourite

Young now beating Bercow for the third favourite slot

The chart showing price movements on the Betfair betting exchange tells the story of the past 24 hours as opinion amongst punters hardens for Beckett with Young now seen as the only person who can beat her.

As I write at 4.15pm it’s Beckett 2.35/1, Young 3.4/1 with Bercow now out to 4.1/1.

The view seems to be that the original Labour idea of having a left-wing Tory speaker just to annoy Cameron seems to have faded.

I still think that this has a long way to go and we could see some huge swings on Monday afternoon as the successive secret ballots take place.

I’m well placed on both Beckett and Young and have just taken an insurance bet on the Speaker being female with Ladbrokes. That would cover me a touch if Widdy managed to get some traction.

Polling UPDATE: There will be a ComRes poll this evening for the Indy on Sunday. I’m out at a family event in London and will do a separate post on the train journey home. The last survey from the firm had C38: L22: LD 20.

Mike Smithson

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