YouGov: Labour members say Gord should go

YouGov: Labour members say Gord should go

Brown nose RH.JPGA new YouGov poll, just out, of Labour members for Channel 4, finds that “a majority think he should step down before the next election – and more than one in five think he should go now.”

The Channel 4 report is a bit short on the actual numbers and we are not told when the survey was carried out or what the sample size was. We do know, however, that the online pollster has been able to all-Labour members polling before.

Two in three of the members questioned said they believed “Mr Brown isn’t able to communicate his ideas effectively to the public – and almost half think he is weak and indecisive.”

With Labour MPs deciding this weekend what to do about the calls for a secret ballot on Brown’s future this survey could not have come at a worse time. There’ll be a PLP meeting on Monday night when the views of the movement as a whole as well as the impact of the EU election results are likely to figure highly

But Brown, as we’ve seen, is a resourceful a cunning fighter and he’s going to make every little move by those against him very hard.

Another finding is that Labour members “..are not impressed with the way Mr Brown has dealt with the expenses crisis either. In the survey – just one in four think he is done better than his rival party leaders – David Cameron and Nick Clegg.”

When it comes to a successor Alan Johnson comes top of the poll with 35 per cent, while David Miliband, had just 12 per cent. No other runners are listed in the story though they might have been included in the poll.

The Channel 4 report notes that only a handful of party members believe either man could lead Labour to victory in the election: “although slightly more believe it’s possible, although unlikely, for Labour to win under Mr Johnson.”

This one is going to run and run.

Mike Smithson

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