What’s all this going to do to his survival chances?

What’s all this going to do to his survival chances?

And Mandelson emails say Brown can’t win

Two critical developments this evening that could impact on Gordon’s chances of surviving: the leak of email by Peter Mandelson saying that Brown cannot win and his visit to the D-Day celebrations in Normandy when he apparently got booed by veterans and in his speech he mistakenly referred to Omaha beach as being “Obama Beach”

The alleged Mandelson emails, written in January last year while he was still an EU commissioner, are in tomorrow’s News of the World and are being reported upon by SkyNews. This is part of the report:-

“..Lord Mandelson does not believe Gordon Brown can win a general election, according to leaked emails published in the News of the World… . Lord Mandelson claims that the Labour Party are lagging behind in the polls because Brown has no strategic direction…He says Brown is too obsessed with celebrity gimmicks over the vital job of saying what he stands for..The Industry Secretary, who is likely to head up Labour’s general election campaign, says “strategic policy formulation” is more important than “telling people you watch the X-Factor.”

These are very damaging because of the role that Mandy has taken on in leading the defence of Gordon Brown’s position.

The overall problem is the media narrative and it’s hard to see how, in the short-term at least, how this is going to change.

I’ve already got enough bets on whether he’ll survive and I’m not going to extend my exposure. Brown could still pull this over though it is looking very diffifcult.

Mike Smithson

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