Marf’s view of the day

Marf’s view of the day


How’s this going to affect Thursday elections?

With just one day’s campaigning left the big political story, once again, has nothing to do with Europe. We’ve got the cabinet re-shuffle coming up and the very messy way in which news of this is coming out.

Latest word is that Brown will announce his changes on Monday – the day after the Euro results are known.

Meanwhile the betting activity has been stepped up and there’s an interesting range of Euro vote markets from Sporting Index which should be up again in the morning. I like the spread bet on turnout percentages.

We’ve had a Euro poll from ComRes which has been commissioned by the Green Party – who come out rather well. The shares are – CON 24%: LAB 22%: LDEM 14%, UKIP 17%: Green 15%: BNP 2%. The poll was not past vote weighted which generally means that the sample would not have been politically balanced and skewed quite considerably towards Labour. It is for this reason that I’m not attaching much importance to it.

This is the sort of polling that they had at the 1992 general election

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