Making comments during times of peak demand

Making comments during times of peak demand

As regulars will know we’ve made some significant changes to our discussion forums during the past couple of days.

The “look” of the comments has been adapted, the contributor’s name is put at the top rather than the bottom, and we’ve introduced pagination to limit the numbers of comments being shown on a single page in very long threads that are down-loaded time and time again as people follow discussions.

Our standard maximum level of comments “per page” has been set at 400 and this should of itself ease the strain on our servers. However there will be times when a “spike” is anticipated and the plan is to reduce that maximum temporarily.

So today at PMQs we’ll take the maximum number of comments per page down to 200 for half an hour or so.

This won’t affect your ability to submit and follow threads though it will mean that you might have to click refer to earlier or later parts of a discussion.

Many thanks.

Mike Smithson

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