So what will “Westminster Couples’ Day” bring?

So what will “Westminster Couples’ Day” bring?


Could any revelations affect the betting markets?

This morning I filled in a PoliticsHome poll over whether I was getting bored with the Daily Telegraph MP expenses exposes. The answer, I suppose, is yes. There isn’t really anything shocking and new now coming out as the paper moves from one segment of MPs to another.

But that could all change tonight. We are promised that the next round will focus on MP married couples where, in theory at least, the potential for problems is far greater. After all they have two lots of the second home allowance to play about with.

On the previous thread Slackbladder noted that there were five sets within the house – the most notable being, of course, Ed Balls- Yvette Cooper and the Wintertons – who have all been subject to some media attention on this before. On top of that, of course, the Telegraph might be including details of pairs of MPs who are not necessarily known as couples!

It looks as though this is the Telegraph’s grand finale – they want the whole thing to go out with a bang before their readers do get bored.

Ed (8/1) and Yvette (25/1) both feature in the Next Chancellor Betting. Ed’s also the 3/1 favourite to be Home Secretary on December 31st 2009 following strongish reports that he’s to take over from Jacqui Smith.

Mike Smithson

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