Is this the most serious so far?

Is this the most serious so far?


Is the paper saving the most dramatic to the last?

In what could be the expenses abuse with the most serious consequences former minster, Elliot Morley, continued claiming for the mortgage interest on his constituency home for more than 18 months after the loan had been repaid according to tonight’s revelations in the paper.

It says that lawyers are saying that the claims could constitute a criminal offence. This could potentially lead to a possible by election.

At the 2005 election Morley held the seat with 53.1% of the vote against the Tories who were on second place with 25.7%. The Lib Dems were on 17%. It would be a big ask for the Tories or the Lib Dems to take the seat if this was the outcome but anything could happen in this febrile political atmosphere.

The story gets more complicated and potentially more damning for Labour: “It can also be disclosed that, in November 2007, Mr Morley “flipped” his designated second home from the Scunthorpe house to his London property – and the dubious mortgage claims were never uncovered..Mr Morley, a former government whip and privy councillor, was renting out the London property, which was designated as his “main residence”, to another Labour MP. Ian Cawsey, a Labour Party vice-chairman, who was renting the house, said last night he was unaware that the property was also Mr Morley’s main residence. It is unclear where Mr Morley was actually living in London.”

The living arrangements and expenses of other Tory and Labour MPs are covered by the paper.

My apologies for letting the previous thread run for so long. I’ve been in London and am only returning home now.

Mike Smithson

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