A Tale of Two Pollys: 2006 and 2009

A Tale of Two Pollys: 2006 and 2009

Guardian Online March 26 2006
Guardian Online May 2 2009

What a difference three years makes?

There’s already been a fair bit of discussion on Polly Toynbee’s Saturday column and thanks to Mirthios on the previous thread for digging out the 2006 rendering. What a contrast? Both are worth reading in some detail.

Perhaps the most powerful article this weekend is from Nick Cohen in the latest Standpoint under the heading “‘Fear and Filth at Brown’s Number 10”. This left me gob-smacked and is a must read. There’s been no stronger indictment of Brown’s Britain and my guess is that it will be widely referred to when the historians get to pass their judgement on the Labour government 2007 – 2010.

Meanwhile on the Sporting Index commons seat spread markets Labour has continue to decline. The latest is 216 – 221 seats.

Mike Smithson

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