How are the Lib Dem “anti-Tories” going to view this?

How are the Lib Dem “anti-Tories” going to view this?


76% of Lib Dem voters want more collaboration with Tories

The panel above summarises findings from the latest PoliticsHome poll on attitudes by supporters of the main parties to the collaboration that we saw on Wednesday between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives over the Ghurka issue.

The precise question that was “Yesterday the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives voted together to defeat the government in a House of Commons vote on whether Gurkhas should be allowed to settle in the UK. How did you feel about seeing or hearing about David Cameron’s Conservatives and Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats working together?”

PH found that 86% of the Tories and 76% of the Lib Dems said that they would like to see more of this, with a tiny minority reacting negatively to collaboration (2% and 9% respectively). Labour supporters were also broadly in favour with 41% responding positively.

Clearly the poll took place in a specific context. The issue itself was getting lots of publicity and the government’s approach appeared cack-handed. How the numbers would come out in different circumstances I don’t know.

What we do know from a lot of polling is that there’s a strong desire for change and the events of Wednesday afternoon seemed to chime with that.

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