Projected Tory majority up 4 on PB’s Index

Projected Tory majority up 4 on PB’s Index


Punters continue to bet against Brown/Labour

The latest version of the PB Index, which tries to extrapolate current betting prices into a general election outcome, has a projected Conservative majority four seats higher than when we last looked at this five days ago.

The index is now pointing to an overall majority for the Tories of 62 seats – which is the highest it has ever been. The calculation is done by taking the seat ranges on the two spread markets and the Betfair line market.

The current levels are:
Extrabet CON 354 – 359: LAB 220 – 225: LD 45 – 48
Betfair CON 353 – 356: LAB 218 – 220: LD 47 – 50
Sporting Index’s CON 355 – 350: LAB 220 – 225: LD 44 – 47

I’m currently a seller on the spreads of Labour at the 228 level and a buyer of the Lib Dems at 45 seats.

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