Is it worth a bet that The People has this right?

Is it worth a bet that The People has this right?

The People

Will Ed swap jobs with Jacqui in June?

I’ve just caught up with the above is story from The People which on reading sounds highly plausible.

Ed Balls is hugely ambitious and as, so it is said, Brown’s choice as successor we should expect Number 10 to do everything to help. And what could help Balls most in his positioning for the leadership than to be holding or have held one of the three main offices of state?

I’d always assumed that he’d be put into the Chancellor slot in any post EU election re-shuffle but the People’s Nigel Nelson has a very strong point. Any change at the treasury could be tricky just at the moment.

Ladbrokes have just put up their “Home Sec on December 31st market up and the Balls price was initially 5/1. Alas Shadsy reduced in to 3/1 after I put a three figure bet on. It still just about sounds like a value bet.

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