What now for Derek Draper?

What now for Derek Draper?

..and will the site he created go on?

The news that LabourList’s Derek Draper is considering resigning because of the fallout from the ‘dirty tricks’ scandal means that that Guido might have taken his second scalp.

But what’s Derek going to do next and what’s going to happen to LabourList – the website he established less than three months ago?

I’ve hardly looked at it for weeks but a quick scan this evening suggests that it is starting to develop a certain style and you could see it evolving into a good site which has a big contribution to make. I like the way it is becoming much more a forum for ordinary members and supporters and you are starting to get a grass roots feel. Blogging seems to be most effective when it is bottom up and not top down.

Could the departure of Draper be the making of the site he created?

Whatever there’s little doubt that his short involvement in this area has helped put political blogging on the map even if it is not ending for him in quite the way he anticipated. At least the flamboyant Draper has created a brand that people know about.

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