Being part of PB’s Fifth Birthday Celebration

Being part of PB’s Fifth Birthday Celebration


An update from Peter the Punter

A positive response has been received from Pbers to the Party invitation put out recently and it is beginning to look as though we may get a bumper crowd.

Among the acceptances are Cicero, NickM, NickP, David Herdson, Gideon, Augustus Carp, Chris A, Hertsmere Pubgoer, James Burdett, Jonny Jimmy, Richard Nabavi, Morus, Marf, Paul Maggs and Mike Smithson.

The date chosen is Monday March 23rd 2009 which is exactly five years after Mike began the site and when the daily audience was just a few dozen not thousands that we have now. Things start at 6pm.

This is a great celebration which has been made extra special through the generous sponsorship of Ladbrokes. This has enabled us to keep the price as reasonable as possible.

There are a quite a lot of other PBers who expect to confirm during weekend.

It will be very helpful if those planning to come let me know soon so that if a larger room becomes appropriate, I have time to make the arrangements.

Augustus Carp has promised to give his customary tour of the building, as long as nobody he dislikes attends.

Can somebody volunteer to act as Auctioneer for the evening? Several people who cannot attend have expressed a wish to submit blind bids. I’m not sure how this works but no doubt somebody out there can advise.

The venue is the splendid National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2HE. This is just across the road from the Embankment tube state and is only a stone’s throw from Big Ben.

Further details are here.

Peter the Punter

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