Am I being a kill-joy…?

Am I being a kill-joy…?

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But should we be betting on things like this?

William Hill has put out this press release:-

Following the ‘green custard’ attack on Peter Mandelson, bookmakers William Hill have opened a book on which popular dessert will next be thrown over any British government minister, and have installed Spotted Dick as their 3/1 favourite. ‘Of course this should not be regarded as a trifling matter’ said William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe, ‘But over the centuries British democracy has regularly witnessed examples of harmless substances being directed at controversial politicians.’

Hills make Ice Cream their 4/1 second favourite to be the next dessert aimed at a top politician during 2009, with Rhubarb Fool 5/1 third favourite and also offer 6/1 Apple Pie; 7/1 Angel Delight; 8/1 Rice Pudding; 9/1 Bread and Butter Pudding; 10/1 Sherry Trifle; 12/1 Summer Pudding, 14/1 Semolina.

‘It is a good job Mr Mandelson was not targeted by a protestor who preferred main courses to desserts, otherwise he may have ended up battered.’ added Sharpe.

Although this is all great fun and almost everybody, it seems, has the same view of Peter Mandelson there is a serious point. This was an assault on the minister – a criminal act. Should we then be betting on future criminal acts?

I know that this sort of Hills market is put out for publicity purposes and I would guess that just about no bets will be placed. But I feel uncomfortable with it.

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