How can Gord deal with the “sorry” issue?

How can Gord deal with the “sorry” issue?

Tory Party website

And is this Tory “effort” silly or smart?

You got to feel a bit sorry for Gordon. Wherever he goes these days and faces questioning from serious journos he’s pressed to say “sorry”.

It happened in the Oval Office and Tuesday and last night Sky News did an analysis of the words and phrases used in yesterday’s Congress address building up to the punch-line that the number of times he had said sorry was zero.

Now the Tory party has tried to capitalise on what they think is an opportunity with the launch of the SorryfromGordon website part of which is reproduced above.

The questions are whether this will gain further traction issue and whether Brown and his advisers can come up with a way of dealing with it. My guess is that the pressure will go on but that this has gone so far that it’s hard for Brown Central to come up with a solution that won’t be a massive hostage to fortune.

The real problem is that the attacks appear to resonate. They seem to chime with the view that the Prime Minister was very happy to take the credit when things were going well but will seek to do anything to avoid any responsibility now things have gone wrong.

But as we all know Gord doesn’t do sorry which can be politically inept. For often there’s no better way to getting rid of an issue than like Barack Obama a few weeks ago and say something like “I screwed up”.

I’m not sure, however, about the new Tory-generated web-site. It gives the impression of being over-gimmicky and just plain silly.

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