Isn’t politics boring without Dave?

Isn’t politics boring without Dave?

Hopefully things be more interesting next week?

Just skimming through this morning’s papers or looking at Newsnight last night I can only sympathise with a comment by Sally C that “politics is boring without Dave”.

That’s absolutely spot on. Whatever your allegiance, whether you like Cameron or not, it’s hard to deny that he’s the one that politics is about at the moment and in his absence things seem to lack any spark.

Is he indeed going to make it to Number 10 and if so what will life be like under the old-Etonian? That dominates just about everything.

Everything is being considered in the context of Cameron. Who’ll be the next Labour leader, what’s the future for the Lib Dems as the Dave-led party that appears to be eating into its support and what influence will right-wing Tories be able to exert with him as PM? The questions go on and on.

An interesting immediate question is whether he’ll be different following his bereavement. Tragedies like his can have major impacts on how people view the world.

Roll on next week.

A fairly brief posting from me this morning. I’m spending a night on the North Norfolk coast where I’m just about able to get an appallingly slow and intermittent 2G internet connection. Even my mobile isn’t getting a signal. The lack of communication makes you feel as though you are on a different planet. I can see why Iain Dale tried so hard to be MP here in 2005.

Next General Election Betting.

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