StJohn’s Christmas Crossword

StJohn’s Christmas Crossword

For the second year running StJohn has produced a crossword for our Christmas day entertainment.

Thanks to StJohn for his creativity and best of luck to all who try to do it.

Clues Across
1. Institution created by punter and followed by St.John. (11)
7. Army right for a sailor? (3)
9. Stationery used for sheet music? (9)
10.Foot’s problem didn’t start the organisation of workers. (5)
11.Speaker has one in The Green Man- a short one! (7)
12.Mother covered her head at Gandhi’s address. (7)
13.Expert Saint George included. (5).
15.Cecil was a valued servant to the Queen. (9)
17.Quixotic charge in treason debacle. (9)
19.Island Chief leads football game. (5)
20.Left magazine to old magistrate. (7)
22.Sweet reversal to get spliced. (7)
24.“Twice Nightly” hosted this tribe. (5)
25.On top of a hill, it’s difficult to capture a harvest with bad soil. (9)
27.Newt quit after losing leadership. (3)
28.Election ran into trouble through illiberal attitude (11).

Clues Down

1. Daily Star. (3)
2. Bury Football Club. (5)
3. Foot-soldier’s description of bland bitter? (7)
4. Sharp note penned by writer – “Liberals no longer winning here!” (9)
5. Miner was confused by legal term. (2,3)
6. Ducks should be eaten by Poles. (7)
7. Chirpy individual blogger. (11)
8. Strands discerned from cricket scores at The Oval, say. (4,7)
11. Dale pursued PM with sex appeal – a leading politician. (11)
14. Being a rebel, Sid tends to stir about one. (9)
16. Point caller to volatility of voting. (9)
18. Molluscs spoken of –and not in a good way. (7)
19. Reportedly less costly and smaller version of 7 down. (7)
21. Throw water out in the name of the Prime Minister. (5)
23. Athenian lawgiver nearly said goodbye. (5)
26. Novel woman. (3)

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