Happy Christmas and thank you

Happy Christmas and thank you

Thanks to you for all your support this year, for your contributions and for making the site by far the most important and busiest online political discussion forum in the UK.

Thanks for your civility and general good manners which has enabled PB to continue to be a place where people of all allegiances have been able to come and publish instantly without the need for heavy moderation. Thanks especially to those who have provided insight and information to help us with our betting.

Thanks to Robert my son for all he does to keep the site running – this is a massive undertaking that has got bigger as our audience has expanded.

Thanks to Paul Maggs (Double Carpet) and Morus for acting as guest editors and for all their excellent contributions. Morus’s unique Saturday Slant and Paul’s Sunday international slot have really enriched the site. Thanks to Marf for joining the team as our cartoonist and adding an extra and often biting edge to PB.

Thanks to our advertisers and sponsors who I have relied on even more during 2008 following my move last Christmas to give up my job and salary to run PB full-time. There is still a long way to go to make up the short-fall but it is getting better.

Have a good Christmas Day and later I’ll be publishing the 2008 StJohn Christmas Crossword – which was hugely popular a year.

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