No charges against Green – NOTW

No charges against Green – NOTW

So where does Greengate go from here?

The News of the World is reporting that neither Damian Green nor the Home Office mole will be charged:

    “…Damian Green and his Home Office mole will NOT be charged in the leak scandal, the News of the World can reveal. Prosecutors say papers seized from Mr Green’s Commons office cannot be used as evidence in a trial. They add that cops FAILED to conduct a proper search in Westminster.

    The conclusions, in a secret early review by the Crown Prosecution Service, coincide with the initial findings of an independent police probe. That investigation is already concluding the case is “not prosecutable”, and the decision to arrest the Shadow Immigration Minister was “over the top”. One source said: “This was a sledgehammer to crack a nut by Scotland Yard—totally disproportionate.”

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