Tory Shadow Immigration minister arrested

Tory Shadow Immigration minister arrested

Unconfirmed rumours that Damien Green has been arrested

James Forsyth at the Spectator earlier broke a story that rumours were swirling around the Westminster Village that a big story was about to break about a member of David Cameron’s team. ConservativeHome indicates that it is that Damien Green MP, the Shadown Immigration Minister, has been arrested.

Sky News is reporting that the Met has confirmed a man in his fifties has been arrested, but not charged, for conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office – reportedly linked to leaks from the Home Office. Other reports are indicating offenses relating to the Official Secrets Act, though this has been denied. They are showing the story with images of Mr Green.

Nothing is being confirmed at present, though the Evening Stndard is running with this, but David Cameron has scheduled a Press Conference at 8am tomorrow. How might this affect the spread markets?

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UPDATE: Sky News is now reporting that the Police searched both Green’s Parliamentary and Constituency offices, and has been taken to a Central London Police Station. The Conservative Party seems to be standing by Mr Green, arguing that his actions were in the course of his duties as a Shadow Immigration Minister.

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