Who’ll win the argument on tax cuts?

Who’ll win the argument on tax cuts?

Are we seeing politics turn upside-down?

While the main story today has been the 90th anniversary of the ending of the First World War all three main party leaders have been casting their hats into the ring in the new war – that of who has the best tax cut policies. No doubt we’ll see more hostilities at PMQs tomorrow.

Gone are the days, it seems, that before you put together a cutting proposal it had to be funded in some form. Now unfunded is good which seemed to be the message from the PM’s press conference this afternoon.

    The one theme that the buoyant post-Glenrothes Gord seems to have picked up from Barack Obama is audacity. You switch position totally, look confident and with a bit of luck you will get away with it.

This is a challenging time for the opposition parties and it’s hard to see where this will end.

Meanwhile on the betting markets there has been a bit of a move to Labour but not of the magnitude you would have imagined given the latest polling.

Our cartoon, as usual, is from Marf of LondonSketchbook.com.

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Mike Smithson

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