What will happen to green politics during the recession?

What will happen to green politics during the recession?

Is the environment only something we care about when we are prosperous?

The chart above is from the latest Ipsos-MORI and shows responses to the firm’s unprompted “What do you thing are the main/important issues facing Britain today” which they have been asking in exactly the same way for more than two decades.

As can be expected the current top topic raised by respondents was the economy. But just look at the way “green” concerns have been declining. When your main interest is just making ends meet then caring for the planet might be put on the back-burner.

With the three main parties all articulating quite radical approaches to climate change it will be interesting to watch how important they regard this in the eighteen months up to the election. My guess is that their enthusiasm will be like the chart above.

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Mike Smithson

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