Will the planned package settle city nerves?

Will the planned package settle city nerves?

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  • Can Darling-Brown do anything to restore stability?

    With a package expected to be announced this evening the big question is whether it will be enough and will bring stability to the financial system.

    Clearly this has been the most dramatic day so far in the crisis with huge drops in the value of bank shares and hundreds of thousands of UK savers facing big worries after the Icelandic bank, Icesave stopped withdrawals.

    Where is it all going to go?


    The October Populus poll for the Times is just out and has these shares with changes on last month: – CON 45%(+2) LAB 30%(+3) LD 15%(-3). The 45% Tory share equals the highest ever number recorded by the pollster.

    Labour will be pleased to have made progress – though with the Tories in the mid-40s they are facing a possible landslide.

    What I’m eager to see is the details to examine whether the trend of Labour being boosted in its heartlands, is reflected here as well.

    Mike Smithson

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