Will McCain look at Obama tonight?

Will McCain look at Obama tonight?

Is there anything the 72 year old can do to get back into the race?

All eyes in the American presidential election will be on Nashville tonight where John McCain and Barack Obama take part in the second presidential debate. After this there will only be one event left.

After the first encounter between the two senators most pundits scored it at about even. That, however, was not the verdict of the public and in the voting intention polls that have followed Obama has built up a significant lead that’s starting to look unassailable. McCain won’t have many more chances – he needs to do something tonight.

    One of his problems from last time was that he simply did not deign to look at his Democratic opponent – something that seems to have gone down like a lead balloon. Will he have learned his lesson? Will he at least appear to be civil?

It is often these matters rather than who wins the argument that sets the seal on public opinion.

Live White House race getting prices.

Mike Smithson

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